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Wool tie as the missing link

Wool tie

Wool tie

Menswear is a passion that has made many victims already. Which comes to no surprise for those who know it – menswear is a world where the details are of paramount importance, where a wool tie can make all the difference. Indeed, this attention to details is what distinguishes the sloppy man, dressed in the next best suit out of the shop down the road, from the aficionado of menswear. The meticulous care for detail is what drives him to always search for the better alternative, makes him look in the far corners of the world for that elusive principle called style. This can be deeply gratifying, but also extremely infuriating: at Amidé Hadelin, we know this all too well. Captivated since many years by men’s style, we have made our vocation our profession, and know all corners of the playing field. As of such, we can give clues as to which item might be the missing link in your wardrobe. This time, we will take a deep look at a surprising, but very qualitative kind of tie: we will display the virtues of a wool tie

Wool tie
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Wool tie as a rising star

As our very own menswear expert Tim Mureau points out in a blog post about the phenomenon, woolen ties have not been very visible for a long time. Although certain icons like Gianni Agnelli have invariably been defending the cause of this tie, the vast majority of menswear aficionados had been primarily interested in silk ties. This has changed over the last five to ten years, as wool has finally stepped out of the shadows and is beginning to conquer the world. For the moment, that mainly applies to the autumn and winter months, as is understandable when seeing the benefits of wool – but as Mureau says, there is actually no reason why a wool tie cannot be worn in spring or even summer. It is a twist from conventions and represents values that are valid all year long. 

Wool tie in a large variety of situations

There are many different combinations that can be fashioned with the help of some wool. These range from rejoining the classic British countryman style, to the use of a woolen tie with a more classic colour such as navy. This last choice is a surefire way to upgrade your more mundane working outfits, as the tie gives a subtle nod to those ready to understand it. In a large variety of situations, the woolen tie can be the final piece of the puzzle. 

Wool tie
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Timeless craftsmanship as the icing on the cake

Of course, the use of material is without significance if the tie is not ably produced. Fortunately, our passion and large share of experience have allowed us to find the producers with respect for their craft. As can be seen on this dedicated page, we know and follow the intricate production of our ties closely. Hand made with the best fabrics, there is no better product imaginable. Nevertheless, in case you would require more information or you would like fashion advice from our experts, do not hesitate to get in touch. And before you know it, the wool tie will enhance your style for years to come!