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Grenadine ties are a solution for the eternal fashion problem

Grenadine ties

Grenadine ties

Classic men’s style is not an easy choice of fashion. Where the acolytes of street style wear a great diversity of strange accessories, gentleman’s style works with small margins of the acceptable. Therefore, quality is paramount: wear not just any tie, wear grenadine ties. This is the difference between a man that cares for style and radiates class, and a man that dresses formally because he must. Both wear ties, both wear suits, leather shoes. Yet the classic man has an additional quality, something that clueless bystanders will designate with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi – but at Amidé Hadelin, we know certainly what the difference is. The difference is plain old quality, and we have dedicated our lives to this simple but essential concept. On the path to style, every element is meticulous labor. Today, we will look at one small but essential detail: we will consider grenadine ties.

Grenadine ties
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Grenadine ties as a timeless classic

These grenadine ties are a timeless classic in the world of menswear, beloved as much as they are mysterious, versatile as much they are stylish. Essential to understanding them, is the realization that ‘grenadine’ does not refer to a specific fabric, but to a style of weaving. It is a kind of open weave called ‘leno weave’, where two vertical yarns are woven around the horizontal yarn. Depending on the material that is used, this results in many different ties. What they all share, however, is a structure that breathes and is particularly well-fit to hot weather – indeed, grenadine ties are especially beloved in tropical outfits. But their unique texture makes them a classic everywhere in Europe, as they can assume an astonishing variety of colors, sizes, and fit both formal and casual attires.

Grenadine ties in many forms

Usually, one will encounter two kinds of grenadine ties. Corresponding to the Italian tradition, they are called “garza fina” and “garza grossa”. In the latter, the texture is more visible, and it is thus less formal. But an audacious tie-wearer could certainly pull it off: Sean Connery’s James Bond always insisted on wearing the garza grossa, and no one would dare to criticize his choice of style! However, if you have to opt for inconspicuous class, a garza fina might be a safer choice. With a smaller weave and therefore a texture that is less visible, you will not steal the shine of your superiors – but the style savant will certainly notice and appreciate your dedication to class!

Garza Fina Grenadine
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Amidé Hadelin knows its way around

Although cheapskate imitations of grenadine are now on the market, the original still holds an unmatched quality and longevity. It is the original that is still exclusively woven in Italy, on the shores of lake Como with looms that date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Needless to say, it is this variety that is sold by us at Amidé Hadelin: our producer, Fermo Fossati, has the oldest silk mills in Europe and dates back to 1871. If you’d like more information on this wonderful accessory, there is our blog post on grenadine ties, although the connoisseurs at the Gentlemen’s Gazette also have an excellent article. Or if you would like specialized advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Before you know it, grenadine ties will bring you one step closer to an attire that will be worthy of a gentleman.