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Exclusive Ties

Exclusive Ties

Exclusive ties

Exclusive ties are one of the final components of a style that offers little compromise and demands thorough attention to detail. The classic gentleman's outfit is simply not complete without the right tie, and there can be no skimping on such an important, eye-catching accessory. Here at Amidé Hadelin our range includes Orange Label, Fresco, grenadine, and regimental ties. Handmade from carefully selected fabrics, our ties are the perfect addition to any true gentleman's attire.

Exclusive Ties

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Exclusive Ties for Classic Style

Our range of exclusive ties offer unmatched style and quality. For the aspiring gentleman looking to emulate the classic style of mature refinement, you need look no further. Whether you seek the woolen tie of the British countryside gent, or the tweed of Oxford professorship fame, Amidé Hadelin exclusive ties offer the classic style you desire. When it comes to exclusive products, the difference is in the details. Dignity and refinement are achieved through the application of an expert eye. We ensure that every tie we sell is perfectly made and that every detail is as it should be.

Exclusive Ties Handmade by Italian Artisans

Made with the finest materials sourced from around Europe, our exclusive ties emanate class, style, and craftsmanship. We source almost all our fabric direct from world-class British, Italian, Irish and Austrian mills, such as Adamley and Abraham Moon, ensuring our ties are of an unsurpassable quality. Once the fabric has been purchased it is transformed into ties by Italian artisans. The conversion of pure wool, tweed, and silk, into a tie of the highest standard is a process deserving of admiration; you will not fail to be impressed by the sheer quality of our ties. The hand rolled edges are one particular piece of evidence that testifies to the excellence of the craftsmanship. The end result is that our exclusive ties add an indefinable touch of sartorial elegance to every gentleman's outfit that cannot be achieved with cheap, machine-made knockoffs. There goes a lot of craftsmanship into making the perfect necktie by hand. It starts with choosing the right fabrics and getting the patterns right.

Read our blog to find out more about the craftsmanship and sartorial skills that go into making Amidé Hadelin ties.

Exclusive Ties
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Our Lake Como Connection

To create our exclusive ties, we work with silk mills at Lake Como, Italy. The region is famous worldwide for its superior yarn and the prowess of its highly experienced weavers - some of whom have been making fabrics for many generations. Our woven silks are produced by one of the distinguished manufacturers of silk from the Como region: Seteria Bianchi. The finesse of the Seteria Bianchi silk fabrics gives our exclusive ties their own unique, distinctive essence.

Exclusive Ties from Amidé Hadelin

Whether you are dressing for business or for social situations, in a formal suit or a casual jacket, we have something in our range of exclusive ties that will compliment the rest of your attire. Once you have chosen the right tie for you, find out how to wear it like a gentleman with this helpful guide from the Gentleman's Journal.