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Tweed tie as a deciding factor

Tweed tie

Tweed tie

Menswear is not a simple business. The masculine aficionados of style are operating on a small playing field, where a small change can make all the difference – as is visible on this page where we tell you everything on the tweed tie. For some, the hunt for perfect quality is frustrating, for others it is exhilarating. At Amidé Hadelin, we certainly belong to the second kind. With a sharp eye and lifelong dedication, we look for the pieces that lend the gentleman a style without equal. This time, we examine a timeless tie that has been rediscovered lately: the tweed tie!

Tweed tie
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Tweed tie and its history

Merely the name ‘tweed’ conjures up many images in the modern mind. Tweed is invariably bound up with British style. From Oxford professors to the Royalty in Buckingham Palace, it has been possible to see many distinguished individuals from English society dressed up in this sturdy material. Indeed, tweed has been a staple in the British wardrobe, above all when it comes to outdoor wear. Being comfortable, warm and strong, it is no coincidence that tweed has a history of sportsmanship. In an elegant combat with the elements, it has even been worn by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay as they were the first humans to climb the Mount Everest in 1953!

Tweed tie and its Scottish roots

With an eye on its sturdiness, it comes perhaps as no surprise that tweed has its roots in the weathered Scottish countryside. Before becoming a coveted fashion item for the British upper classes, the fabric had long been in use by Scottish farmers and herders. As the journalist Mike Maceacheran explains in his gorgeous report for National Geographic, tweed is deeply bound up with Scottish identity. As he invokes in his text, the colours of tweed reflect the lilac of a thistle flower or the deep blue of a loch. Indeed, the rich history is not the only reason to pay close attention to tweed – it is also simply deeply elegant!

Tweed tie
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Tweed tie and its fabrication

At Amidé Hadelin, attentive as we are to the intricacies of neckwear, we offer a wide arrangement of ties made of this wonderful material. Our tweed tie is available in different colours, such as brown, denim, green or damson, which allows you to combine the class of tweed with many different outfits. As is usual with our products, the ties are produced with great care – and even beyond. Although we do not like to pick favourites, our ties do receive very special attention. This is visible for example in the page that we have dedicated to it. There, we explore in detail all the meticulous processes that go into crafting ties by hand. Feel free to browse around and explore all the options that we offer, or do not hesitate to contact us and receive further style advice. It remains an eternal hunt, but with our tweed tie the menswear perfection comes yet another step closer!

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