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Regimental ties can solve the age-old menswear problem

Grenadine ties

Regimental ties

Throughout history, it has been women who were forced into the corset. Yet when it comes to the rules of men’s style, it appears that us men need to know how to play around within limited boundaries. The margin of error can be so restricted, that small elements, like wearing regimental ties instead of other ties, make the difference. If you embrace the appealing challenge of scrupulous optimization at the margins, there is a chance you may succeed. For there is certainly improvement possible in a man’s attire – a classful man always has a special something extra. At Amidé Hadelin, we are focused on getting you this special something, as we know exactly what it is. Nothing improves a man’s style more than the love of sheer quality. The quality of your outfits is improved one detail at the time, so if you are ready to tweak at the margins with us, we will begin looking at one essential detail today: regimental ties.

Regimental ties
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Regimental ties and their fascinating history

These ties hold a very special place in menswear history, due to their specific English tradition. As the armchair etymologist might suspect, regimental ties have to do with the army and the different regiments it houses. Originally, every English regiment possessed their own specific colours and colour combinations. These were worked into their attire, most noticeable in their ties. After a certain time, servicemen started wearing the ties not only on duty, but also in times of peace. The use of regimental ties in leisure time took off when the future king Edward VIII visited the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. One element of his attire particularly enamoured the American journalists and wear-watchers: his regimental ties. From this point onwards, a new classic was born in the world of menswear.

Regimental ties have a complex style

Typically, regimental ties have been made of silk repp, and nowadays any striped ties made in silk repp - be it club ties, college ties, university ties, or fantasy striped ties - will be called ‘regimental ties’ by a large part of the menswear community. Of course, it is advised not to wear a tie of a regiment to which you have no affiliation, at the risk of offending its current and former members. Despite this limitation, there are many different ‘regimental ties’ and colour combinations that you can choose from that are not bound to any particular institution, and it is in fact easy to be overwhelmed by the choice. But in these times, it is always helpful to look at the authorities and refine according to your own tastes, as our own Tim Mureau explains. If you hold on to these principles while honing your own style, you will inevitably honour the long tradition that is held by British regimental ties.

Regimental ties
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Our silk weaver at Lake Como

However you decide, at Amidé Hadelin we are ready to support you in this search. Our regimental ties are, like our other products, subject to the highest standards. It will come to little surprise that they are woven by our premium silk weaver in Italy, with yarn that comes from the Walhalla of qualitative luxury fabrics that is Lake Como. You can thus rest assured that they are of the highest quality, as such providing the x-factor for any aspiring gentleman. In case of any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Perhaps you will be the next to optimize your style by using the long tradition and unmatched aesthetics of regimental ties!