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About Amidé Hadelin

From the outset, Amidé Hadelin has been passionate about creating premium quality accessories with the world’s finest materials and fabrics. Representing a contemporary classic style, the unique collection celebrates exclusiveness and craftsmanship. Our passion is put into every item we make, visible by the fine details, the textures of the materials, and the harmonious colour combinations.

Our limited collection is voguish for every occasion. Every tie, umbrella or pair of gloves has a story to tell. Producers like Fermo Fossati, Bresciani and Robert Keyte Silks represent artisans that have a pride in their craftsmanship and that are extremely dedicated to make the best quality product for every customer. These artisans often carry long-standing traditions in their work, a rich history still visible today in the materials and designs. By bringing together these fine materials, we ensure that our collection is firmly rooted in classical traditions of elegance and style, while giving it a modern touch. Our accessories are designed to last and are available in limited numbers, offering exclusiveness and timelessness.

Our loyalty to the classic dressing principles is visible in every item, but we do like to flirt with the boundaries from time to time. This unique touch is what gives classical accessories a contemporary and exceptional flair. And if you are looking for a bit more flair, we can bend the rules a little further. Nonetheless, our modern touch never comes at the expense of our premium quality; high-quality materials and the long-perfected production methods of our partners are non-negotiable.

It is this essence of creating premium accessories that drives us at Amidé Hadelin.