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Quality Tie

Wool tie

When it comes to choosing a tie, there is no alternative to premium quality for the modern gentleman. A quality tie completes a gentleman’s attire like no other accessory, and careful consideration must be given to style and craftsmanship. Each quality tiefrom Amidé Hadelin offers it own unique variety of sophistication and contemporary classic style. Almost all of our ties are handcrafted by Italian artisans from the finest fabrics available, including silk, wool, Irish linen, and Shetland tweed. Our range includes regimental, grenadine, Fresco, and Orange Label ties that are suitable for a wide range of occasions and ensembles.

quality tie
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Quality Tie: A Must-Have for the Modern Gentleman  

There are some things a gentleman simply cannot do without, and a quality tie is one of them. The tie has undeniably claimed a permanent space in the gentleman’s closet. The style and fashion has, of course, changed over time, as is explained in this informative history of ties, but to achieve the contemporary classic style of a modern gentleman a quality tie is essential. The effect of a tie on the overall impact of an outfit can be quite remarkable. A quality tie can add a certain indefinable charm, or even a dash of flair, to an otherwise ordinary look. If you are aspiring to emulate the classical style in contemporary form, a quality tie is a must-have item, and the choosing of a tie deserves serious attention. 

Quality Tie: Choosing the Right Tie for You

Choosing the right tie for your outfit requires an attention to detail and an appreciation of premium quality craftsmanship and world-class fabrics. Whether you prefer the timeless style of the grenadine tie, or the formality of the regimental design, there can be no disregarding the quality of the material or the handiwork of the artisan. The premium quality of a handmade artisanal tie is far removed from the inadequacy of the machine made imitation. What is more, a quality tie must be carefully paired with the rest of your outfit. One must consider fabric, colour, and style. Choosing between a tweed and a regimental tie, for example, can be a serious challenge for the modern gentleman. Our fashion expert, Tim Mureau, has written a helpful blog post that explores the issue and succeeds in clearing up the confusion. Read it here

quality tie
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A Quality Tie from Amidé Hadelin

When you wear a quality tie from Amidé Hadelin you can be certain you are wearing the finest of ties, made from world-class fabrics by the most competent of artisans. Almost all our ties are handmade by artisans based in the Lake Como region of Italy. The area is renowned for the quality of its silk mills and boasts a long history of sartorial excellence dating back to the 19th century. We supply our Italian artisans with the highest quality materials sourced within Europe from the most reputable of producers. The end result is ties of unmatchable quality that exude classic style, sophistication, and gentlemanly charm. For a quality tie you need look no further than Amidé Hadelin.