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About Amidé Hadelin; premium accessories for the modern gentleman


A passion for style and quality

At Amidé Hadelin we’re passionate about stylish, high quality men’s accessories.

That is why we have searched all over Europe to find - and bring together - the best producers of fabrics and accessories in their respective fields and make the most exclusive accessories available for you, stylish modern gentlemen.

All our producers share this passion for style and quality with us, many of them are small family-owned businesses that have been producing high quality products for generations.

Among the makers we work with are renowned names like Fermo Fossati, Bresciani, Bigi Milano, Standeven, Adamley and Robert Keyte.

What these artisans also have in common is the pride for their craftsmanship and for keeping traditions alive, and their dedication to produce the best products they can, every day, for every customer.

These pride and passion are evident in all our products. With unsurpassed levels of detailing and style, they are the perfect accessories for modern gentlemen like yourselves who want to stand out by wearing exclusive accessories, handmade in limited numbers by dedicated craftsmen who uphold their traditional ways of working.


A lifelong passion

After a lifelong interest in design and style and many years in the men’s shoes business, I developed a strong feeling for classic style with a modern, personal twist.

Staying true to classical dressing principles is a good thing, but bending the rules now and then makes life much more interesting in my opinion.

Amidé Hadelin accessories will help you to stand out from the crowd in a subtle way, or more boldly would you wish to.

Although we sometimes flirt with the boundaries of classical style, we never take shortcuts when it comes to the quality of the materials we use and the long perfected production methods of our suppliers.

Creating the best possible accessories and making them available to a larger audience of aficionados is what drives me and the team every day at Amidé Hadelin.


Yours faithfully,


Passion for style and quality | Amidé Hadelin