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Whangee fit-up umbrella - light blue


by Amidé Hadelin

€446,28 Ex. VAT
53999.88 Inc. VAT

Our whangee umbrella is a real gentleman's umbrella, one for the discerning gent. 

One of the most precious woods to use in an umbrella is whangee, since it is one of the most difficult woods for making umbrellas, and only few pieces are suitable to make handles of. An even more limited number can be used to make an invisible join construction, which means it has a tapered fit towards the birch or beech wood shaft. Hence the term fit-up.

Our whangee umbrella is made with just such an invisible join, as token of the true craftsmanship of our manufacturer. Paired with its light blue canopy, this umbrella is the ultimate in style, quality, and exclusiveness.

- Whangee invisible join construction
- Handmade in England