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Loden braces - dark rust


by Amidé Hadelin

€119,83 Ex. VAT
14499.43 Inc. VAT

These fabulous dark rust loden braces are made from Loden fabric produced by Leichtfried Loden (Est. 1884) in Austria. Loden is a traditional Austrian woollen fabric, originating from the Tyrol region. The fine merino wool is woven and specially treated to create a very compact, water repellent fabric, that slightly resembles both felt and flannel. For many centuries Loden has been the cloth of choice for hunters and outdoorsmen in general, often in its distinctive loden green colour.
Loden is traditionally a very heavy fabric, perfect for coats and sturdy jackets, but Leichtfried Loden also makes a lightweight version of this beautiful cloth, which is suitable for making these exclusive braces that will add some elegant flair to your autumn outfits.

- 38mm wide
- Leather ends
- 100% merino wool 
- Handmade in England
- Available in 2 sizes, up to 115cm and up to 127cm (measured from front waistband button to back waistband button, over the shoulder)