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Grenadine tie - fuchsia


by Amidé Hadelin

€111,57 Ex. VAT
13499.97 Inc. VAT

Coarse grenadine - or 'garza grossa' in Italian - makes for the ultimate versatile tie. The characteristic big weave of this silk makes for an interesting pattern, while still being unobtrusive enough to easily pair it with formal business attire.

One of the very best mills producing grenadine in the Como region - and also the oldest mill in Italy - is that of Fermo Fossati. All our grenadine ties are made from their fabrics, and are expertly handcrafted by our artisan tie maker in Italy. This ensures the perfect look, feel, and drape of our ties.

- Width: 8cm
- Length: 150cm
Construction: 3-fold untipped
- Handmade in Italy