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Peccary glove can help you in the age-old style struggle

Peccary glove

Peccary glove

It is often said that women’s fashion is unnecessarily complicated. The true connoisseur of men’s style will know, women’s fashion is nothing compared to the meticulous care to details that a classful man requires, one at a time. This page will look at the qualities of the peccary glove, one of those many details that is the devil’s domain. Because sometimes, this work can indeed feel cursed – there is so little margin of the acceptable, that men’s fashion requires a trained eye. Next to the man that only dresses formally for work, the classful man does not look that different. Both wear a suit, leather belt, tie – everyone will admit that the classful man has a little extra, but one can often not put the finger on it. At Amidé Hadelin, we have dedicated our lives to class, and we know that the difference comes down to one basic word: quality. This is composed of one element at a time, and on this page, we will examine one of those elements that give any man an unmistakable edge: the peccary glove.

Peccary glove
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Peccary glove of unmatched quality

It would not be surprising if you had already heard a word or two about this glove, as it is considered as the best leather glove available in the world right now, period. A leather glove is very simple in essence, it has to satisfy very few conditions: a leather glove needs to be durable, it needs to keep warm, but also requires a souplesse to allow the hand to move as freely as possible. Unfortunately, there are only very few kinds of leather in the world that can claim to have all three. Leather of the peccary, however, can do so without any doubt. A final sign of quality must be the fact that not only the peccary glove can be worn for decades on end, but they will also become more supple and more beautiful every time they are worn. At the danger of taking an overused cliché, we consider that peccary gloves are, in fact, an item that ages like fine wine.

Quality and scarcity have their price

Unfortunately for the aficionados of high-quality products, a peccary glove is also very rare. The reason resides in a very convoluted supply chain and the scarcity of the peccary. This animal is part of the family of hogs, but only lives in Central America – the highest quality peccary hides come from Peru. As it is a wild animal, hunters need to apply to a number of strict criteria to ensure that the peccaries are only killed to balance out the ecosystem. Of course, the advantage is that one can be sure that your peccary gloves are made in a sustainable fashion. But on the other hand, it does mean that their leather can only be a by-product of the peccary hunt. Consider this with a long supply chain in which the hunters resell peccary skin to many middlemen before it leaves the Peruvian wilderness, and the high price of a peccary glove begins to be comprehensible.

Peccary glove
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Peccary glove of the best quality at Amidé Hadelin

Still, the fact that people are nevertheless willing to pay the steep price, confirms the enormous quality of peccary gloves. We at Amidé Hadelin do not compromise on the quality, but our direct connections allow us to offer you peccary gloves much more cheaply than elsewhere. If you wish to know more about the art of peccary, our colleagues of the Gentlemen’s Magazine have created a comprehensive guide. If questions do despite all persist, do not hesitate to contact us. Within the blink of an eye, you can optimize your style and at the same time enjoy a timeless classic that last your entire life – your own peccary glove.