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Unlined peccary leather gloves - black


by Amidé Hadelin

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Peccary leather gloves
The peccary is a mammal from the pig family that is native to the southwestern part of North America, Central America and South America. Peccary leather is prized for its durability, elasticity and suppleness, and the best quality hides come out of Peru. Peccary leather is hard-wearing and if treated with care, peccary gloves can last you a lifetime. 

Classic gloves
Our classic leather gloves - with their buttoned wrist - are based on a design that can be traced back to the 1800s. These black leather gloves are handmade by a small family business in England that has been making gloves since more than 80 years.

Glove size
To determine your glove size put a tape measure around the knuckles of your dominant hand, don't pull it tight, but you are looking for a snug fit. The measure in inches is your glove size. In case you measure in centimeters, divide by 2.54 to get your size. Because the leather will stretch, always go for the closest size down, so e.g. in case you measure 9 inch, take a size 8.5 glove. We can also accommodate you with different sizes, but those are made on request. 

- Peruvian peccary
- Handmade in England
- Your size not available? Please send us an email to inquire after the options
- We also offer a bespoke service for our gloves, especially for those customers who find it difficult to fit into standard glove sizes. For bespoke gloves please contact us here.