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Solaro® tie - khaki


by Amidé Hadelin

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Solaro® was originally developed by Dr Louis Sambon of the London School of Tropical Medicine in 1907. The iridescent fabric with its brick red back and khaki front was thought to protect British troops stationed in the tropics from harmful sun rays.

Although the fabric turned out to be not very effective against sunburn, it is a great fabric to use in warmer climates or the warmer times of the year.

The original Solaro® is made by Smith Woollens, nowadays part of Harrisons of Edinburgh, and has been a menswear favourite since many decades. The special optical effect of the two sided weave - the back shining through at the front - makes for a very appealing spring/summer cloth.

It is available in only a limited number of shades/weaves, of which we currently carry two versions for our ties.        

A real must-have tie for menswear aficionados!

- Width: 8, 8.5, or 9cm 
- Length: 140, 147, 150, or 160cm
- 100% wool
Construction: 3-fold untipped
- Handmade in Italy