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Fresco® tie - bright blue


by Amidé Hadelin

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Although there are numerous high twist open weave woollen cloths from various mills, known amongst menswear aficionados as 'fresco', there is only one original Fresco®. It was first invented in 1907 by Martin Sons & Co. as a travel cloth. The high twist open weave makes for an airy and naturally crease resistant cloth, perfect for warmer weather, and ideal for the strains of traveling.

Nowadays, the original Fresco® is made by Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, under their Hardy Minnis label. We have sourced from them a whole range of their wonderful Fresco® cloths to turn into ties. The strong points of the cloth - airy and crease resistant - make for a fabulous tie that easily returns to shape and is ideal for wearers who tend to get too warm when wearing regular woollen ties. Add great colours and texture, and you have a real must-have tie!

- Width: 8, 8.5, or 9cm 
- Length: 140, 147, 150, or 160cm
- 100% wool
Construction: 3-fold untipped
- Handmade in Italy