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Cherry wood fit-up umbrella - black


by Amidé Hadelin

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If you're looking for the ultimate gentleman's umbrella, nothing will beat this classic umbrella in cherry wood. A black umbrella has been the iconic gents umbrella for as long as we can all remember, and it is often seen as the signature British umbrella although it is obviously not unique to that country. 

One of the most exclusive woods to use in an umbrella is cherry wood, since there are only highly limited supplies available each year of the correct shape and length. To keep up with demand, most high-end manufacturers use cherry wood only for the handle, and use a tapered, invisible join to fix it to a birch or beech wood shaft. Hence the term fit-up.

Our cherry wood umbrella is made with just such an invisible join, as token of the true craftsmanship of our manufacturer. Paired with its black canopy, this umbrella is the ultimate in style, quality, and exclusiveness.

- Cherry wood invisible join construction
- Handmade in England