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Bark chestnut solid stick umbrella - black


by Amidé Hadelin

€326,45 Ex. VAT
39500.45 Inc. VAT

If you're looking for a real gentleman's umbrella, it's hard to beat a classic umbrella like this one made from bark chestnut.

The most exclusive way of making an umbrella is by using one single piece of wood, also known as a solid stick umbrella. Chestnut is great for this purpose, since it makes for a sturdy stick, and the bark gives it lots of character.

Our bark chestnut umbrella is made in a solid stick construction, as token of the true craftsmanship of our manufacturer. Paired with its black canopy, this umbrella is the ultimate in classic style, quality, and exclusiveness.

- Bark chestnut solid stick construction
- Handmade in England